Suse's Kinder Coat

Suse's Kinder


Suse's Kinder Coats are an affordable, functional dream jacket for the devoted babywearer. With an optional, removable insert for the front and ingenious hidden zippers and snaps in the back, this coat will take you from pregnancy through baby and even toddler or tandem wearing. The inner fleece jacket--which is black for all colours--is removable as well, perfect for chilly spring or fall weather that doesn't require the added protection of the water resistant shell.

The primary difference between the regular and deluxe is that the deluxe includes hip inserts for doing hip carries. The regular kinder coats only do front and back carries.

Suse's Kinder Coats fit true to size, unlike their counterpart the Suse's DELUXE Kinder Coat. Deluxe coats fit large--these ones do not. If you are stuck between two sizes, I recommend sizing up and not down.

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