Storchenwiege Ring Sling: Ulli


$85.00 $115.00
Storchenwiege Ring Sling: Ulli


Storchenwiege Ring Slings are made from the same 100% cotton material as their woven wraps! The beautiful, grippy material makes an ideal choice for a ring sling, resisting slippage and providing lots of support. Storchenwiege ring slings have a gathered shoulder and are an affordable, lasting carrier to add to your stash for quick ups and downs.

Storchenwiege wraps are made entirely in Germany from woven cotton. They are Oeko Tex 100 certified, which means they have passed rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for your baby. Oeko Tex 100 is an independent organization that tests chemical residue on textiles. A Storchenwiege wrap is certified to not contain anything carcinogenic or allergy-inducing, and is free of formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, nickle, and phthalates.

A woven wrap like our beautiful selection of Storchenwiege carriers can be individually adjusted to suit any child and wearer. We are often asked what the "weight limits" of these wraps are, but there really aren't any limits! A Storchenwiege can be used from the earliest stages of infancy (our daughter was in ours as soon as I was up and walking after her birth!) to a 5-6 year old preschooler. Wearing a newborn on your front, upright (which is the safest way), creates the perfect distance for constant eye contact. A newborn baby can see roughly the distance from breast to face, which means they are always able to see their loving caregiver while they are settled in their carrier.

Storchenwiege wraps have excellent diagonal elasticity. They are woven lengthwise and then crosswise with 100% cotton (or organic cotton, if you purchase a Louise or the Eric). These wraps are not stretchy and can be tied firmly--you never need to worry about an infant or child falling out of a Storchenwiege carrier if it is tied correctly. The knots are very secure and the fabric does not "give" or allow the child to slide lower. They do not need to be constantly re-tightened throughout wear.

Most woven wraps come out of the package a little bit "crunchy," but Storchenwiege wraps do not take too long to break in. They can be washed on warm and hung to dry, and the colour-fast fabric will not fade or bleed. When hung to dry, they usually dry within 12-24 hours. We have had a Storchenwiege Ulli for 5 years, and after lots and lots of spit-up and washes, it is soft and smooth to the touch, but the colour looks as bright and beautiful as ever. These wraps are shrink resistant as long as they are washed and dried appropriately.

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