Organic Knitted Toque/Beanie (Size 9M+) 'Sunset Lighthouse'

Abernathy Naturals


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This hand knit cap is the perfect baby hat. 100% organic wool sourced from the United States and humanely raised. The yarn used was dyed by an indie dyeing, family run company based out of Oregon. When you buy an Abernathy Naturals' hat, you're not just supporting our small family business, you're supporting several from shearing the sheep, spinning the wool, dyeing, and ultimately knitting this darling hat!

Wash Instructions: Hand wash in tepid water. Do not agitate, wring, scrub or spin. Simply dunk in tepid water with delicate wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak, gently squeeze until wool is fully immersed and then remove from water, squeeze (don't wring!) and then place on top of a clean, dry towel or cloth. Place another clean, dry towel or cloth on top, roll together and then hang to dry. 

Always different, we don't reproduce these hand made items so you can rest assured your hat is truly unique!

Contents: Mosaic Moon Dryad Organic Worsted Yarn. 100% organic merino wool. One single use sachet of Eucalan wool wash.

Hand Made by: Robbin Abernathy. 

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