Diva Milano Wool Coat (3-in-1 High Warmth) Front Carries Only

Diva Milano


Babywearing wool coat 3 in 1: regular coat + (frontcarry) babywearing coat + maternity coat (maternity insert included).
Diva Outerwear Wool Babywearing Coat has been developed specially for cold climates. It is designed in Italy and tested in Russia known by its cold and snowy weather.
The Diva Wool Babywearing Coat will protect you and your baby from cold, wind and snow. It is lightweight and elegant, you can use it at temperatures from 0C (32F) to -20C (-4F). Modern high-tech fill Slimtex is thin but very warm, it makes the coat very lightweight which is important in babywearing. A touch of PA in a wool fabric is important for better coat durability.
The coat includes:
  • A detachable babywearing insert. Special cords with stoppers adjust the size of the insert and provide perfect adjustment depending on the mother and baby sizes.
  • A detachable maternity insert. A coat can be used as a maternity coat until the end of pregnancy.
  • Temperature: from 0C (32F) to -20C (-4F)
  • A big hood for a mother, so that it can be used with any hat. Wide collar fastened with buttons protects a mother's neck both with and without a baby;
  • A belt with a back fastening models a mother's waist. The belt has 2 types of fastening: for babywearing and for wearing without a baby.
  • Unique feature! Hidden zippers inside pockets allow to let baby's legs out so that the coat can be worn with toddlers;
  • Sleeves length is adjusted due to two-sided openings;
Detachable Babywearing Insert:
  • Easily attached by zippers, the insert can be used with both newborns and toddlers due to adjustable insert collar;
  • Special cords with stoppers adjust the size of the insert and provide perfect adjustment depending on the mother and baby sizes;
  • Unique feature! Hidden zippers in the insert seams at the mother's breast level for easy access to the baby: you can breastfeed, fix the carrier or let baby's arms out any time without putting off the coat.
Inserts measurements (width):
  • Babywearing insert: 38cm/15" (upper part), 12cm/5" (lower part);
  • Maternity insert: 20cm/8" (widest part).
Fabric & care
  • Body and lining: 80% wool, 20% polyamid
  • Fill: 100% Polyester (Slimtex*)
  • Dry clean only
  • A babywearing coat is not a babycarrier, you need a sling or a buckle carrier to carry a baby!
  • A babywearing coat can be used only with a vertical 'tummy-to-tummy' front carry
Designed in Italy, manufactured in Russia.
* Slimtex is a high-tech fill from micro-fibers which combines benefits of natural feathers and synthetic fibers. Even a thin layer of Slimtex provides a great protection from cold. It is ecological, keeps its form after wash and dries up quickly. Slimtex fill was certified with Eco-Tex Standard 100 and is recommended for kids and newborn clothes. This fill is especially thin and often used in wool coats.

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