Aloe Slings: Gnomeville (Baby Size)


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Aloe Slings originate from Russia, where they are hand crafted with love and extreme attention to detail. If you're looking for a carrier that is both beautiful, feature rich and versatile, this is the one for you.

Aloe Slings can be used on back, front and hip, and include their unique and extremely supportive and comfortable "bandage style" waist. The padding on an Aloe Slings carrier is not as thick as some of the competition, which is preferred for those who wish to cross the straps on their baby carrier, or for those who dislike bulky padding.

Included is a hood, a chest clip, and their trademark baubles.

What About Aloe?

  • Criss cross straps. This is a feature a lot of people just can't live without in an SSC.
  • Front carry, back carry, even a hip carry is a possibility with an Aloe Slings SSC.
  • They include a removable, adjustable chest strap and a (sometimes) removable hood.
  • Two dangly baublesare added to the hood to create more visual interest for baby while in the carrier.
  • Designed with a deep pocket to position baby properly in the "M" shape, knees elevated above hip level so that baby is not dangling or placing any strain on joints.
  • Reinforcement at the sides provide gentle support and structure as well as at the back.
  • Patented belt distributes weight properly across the hips/waist and reduces the burden on your back/shoulders.
  • Because I know I'm not the only one who has this little "issue" ... the waist is awesome at hiding post-baby muffin tops!
  • The belt is made of breathable fibres to reduce heat retention.

Other Notes

  • The Aloe Slings carriers sadly lack a pocket, though special ordering an accessory pocket is an option.
  • There are no infant inserts for Aloe Slings carriers and they are not intended for use with babies under 7kg. In Russia SSCs are not used with newborns, and this is reflected in the carriers they produce.

Aloe Slings Measurements:


  • (All Sizes) 135cm

Panel Size (Approximate):

  • (Baby) 35cm by 35cm,
  • (Middle) 42cm by 42cm,
  • (Toddler) 45cm by 45cm.

Weight Requirements:

  • (Baby) 7kg and up,
  • (Middle) 9kg and up,
  • (Toddler) 11kg up to 25kg.

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