Meet the Family Behind Abernathy Naturals

Abernathy Naturals debuted in January 2012 with a handful of product lines and the desire to offer affordable, sustainable products to families in Victoria and online. Storchenwiege,  Planet Wise and Thirsties Inc. were our first manufacturers.  Cloth diapers did not do well for us, but baby carriers did, and we diversified into some new and wonderful products that were not easy to find in Canada. Tula, Manduca, natibaby and KoKaDi have since joined the catalogue (in that order)..
Abernathy Naturals today focuses on baby carriers and outerwear that is babywearing oriented. The beautiful and beneficial act of babywearing is our passion. We love introducing fun, new and unique product lines to the Canadian market. We love to support babywearing locally and nation wide!
Now that you know how we got here, let us introduce ourselves!
I'm Robbin, the mom behind the store. I'm responsible for ordering, receiving, shipping and customer service, as well as catalogue maintenance, appointments for tryouts and occasionally photos. I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology and am fascinated with all things related to childbirth, breastfeeding and babywearing. Genuinely here to help, don't hesitate to email me anytime with questions or concerns and I will do my best. My favourite carriers are my TULA standard in Spa and the half wrap conversion Erna im Wunderland, as well as my long standing love for my Storchenwiege Ulli. 
Jason is the guy behind the scenes. He handles all things technological, operates as balancing voice and occasionally orders and helps with customers. Jason is finishing his M.Sc. in physics and is starting his Ph.D. Jay's favourite carrier is "his" TULA toddler in the owl print. He also likes mei tais. He is the epitome of fun, hardworking dad. He is our occasional male model, and a darned good looking one at that! ;-)
The kids we carry (or have carried--they're growing UP!) are H., who is 6, F., who is turning 4 Dec. 28, and J., turning 2 Dec. 23.

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