Babies and Babywearing

Long time no write! I am terrible about finding the time to get on my computer, aren't I? I should be doing this more often!

I had some customers here yesterday, and as I was talking to the lovely first time mom-to-be and grandma-to-be, it occurred to me that we don't always talk about learning and babies. In breastfeeding, whenever I talk to someone who is struggling or frustrated with it, especially during the early stages--and I have to remind myself this as well, even after nursing three newborns!--I like to gently remind them that it's not just you that is learning. Baby is learning too. And it's no doubt especially frustrating with them, having their sweet, noodly little bodies that probably don't always cooperate with what their mind really wants!

Well, the same holds true for babywearing. With our oldest daughter, babywearing was... an acquired taste. But once she learned about what being in the carrier meant (closeness, warmth, bonding), she became much happier about being in there! If I had given up on wrapping or using the mei tai after the first couple of months, I would never have experienced the joys and trials of a securely attached baby in a baby carrier. (Yes... there are trials. This one time, on a long bus ride, my toddler vomited down my cleavage in the wrap. That was fun.)

Felicity was completely different. The carrier was immediately awesome to her, and at 4 years old, she still goes in the Tula toddler as often as she can.

Jocelyn was another one that was slow to enjoy being in the carrier, and at two she tolerates it but generally doesn't love it. It's kind of okay in her books. But when she was only a few months old, her excitement when the carrier got pulled out was obvious. Chubby little flapping arms and kicking feet. Gosh, I do miss that.

So, if you're trying out babywearing for the first time, and your baby isn't thrilled with it, keep trying. They might just warm up to it! Tell me, did your baby love babywearing from the very start, or were they a little slower to warm to it?

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