What is a Wrap Conversion Baby Carrier?

A wrap conversion is a baby carrier made from the fabric of a woven wrap. At Abernathy Naturals, wraps from popular, quality product lines such as Kokadi, Storchenwiege, Girasol or Natibaby are selected from to create beautiful buckle carriers. A wrap conversion is an excellent way to have the comfort and moldability of a woven wrap with the ease of a  soft structured carrier.

There are a lot of acronyms used in the babywearing community when it comes to wrap conversions. These acronyms can be confusing to decipher at first. WCRS is shorthand for Wrap Conversion Ring Sling. This does not include ring slings made by woven wrap manufacturers such as Storchenwiege and Kokadi.

This beautiful WCRS was made for us by Shannon at Metamorphosis. She's made a left shouldered version and a right shouldered version. People seem to be roughly 50/50 as to which size they like to wear.

WCMT is the acronym used to describe wrap conversion mei tais. Mei tais have straps at the waist and shoulders that must be tied to secure the carrier. At this time, we don't have any mei tais, but we are able to order some through Metamorphosis and Natibaby. A WCMT with "wrap straps" has straps as wide as the wrap it was made of, which are then gathered or spread when they are tied. The closest thing we have to a mei tai is a WCHB, a Wrap Conversion Half Buckle. A half buckle carrier is one where the waistband is secured using a buckle, while the shoulder straps are tied like a mei tai. You can get a WCMT or a WCHB with wrap straps.

This is a WCHB with wrap straps by Metamorphosis.

A WCFB is a Wrap Conversion Full Buckle, where the carrier has buckle closures for both waist and shoulder straps. These are the SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) type.

This is a WCFB carrier, made by Aloe Slings. This WCFB is made from Kokadi Erna im Wunderland and a coordinating canvas.

Just to add to the mess of acronyms, wrap conversions are also routinely described as full, half or semi conversions. A full conversion is made of 100% woven wrap material without any canvas. A half conversion has wrap material for the visible side of the carrier,  including on the waist and shoulder straps. A semi conversion has a canvas waist and straps with the outer portion of the panel is wrap material.


Right now, Metamorphosis from Edmonton, AB creates wonderful WCRS for us using wraps and rings provided by us. While wait times can be lengthy for wrap conversion requests, we can try to help make a dream carrier reality by request. Shannon at Metamorphosis also creates WCFB, WCHB and WCMT. We are thrilled to offer Canadian made product and support another WAHM!

Aloe Slings creates beautiful WCHB and WCFB carriers for us. The combination of their artistic flair with the beauty of a woven wrap results in some truly gorgeous and unique carriers. Aloe Slings WCs are always augmented with linen or cotton.

Tula Baby Carriers make beautiful and comfortable full, half and semi WCs of the full buckle variety. Supple wrap material paired with Tula comfort is hard to beat! These wrap conversions are few and far between and never stick around for long!

Hope this helps, and happy hunting!

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  • Chelsi fysher - January 22, 2015

    Good Morning!
    Im looking to get a half wrap conversion made. How do i start this process?

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