Aloe Slings Review by Masja

We've been generating some good buzz about the beautiful Aloe Slings baby carriers. With the gorgeous Erna semi and half wrap conversions on their way, and some of their gorgeous canvas carriers due to ship out any time, people are starting to take notice. Who doesn't love a baby carrier that doubles as a piece of art or fashion that comes hand in hand with convenience and comfort? It's babywearing in style, and it supports a wonderful home business based out of far off Russia. These carriers travel the world, truly, and it's a privilege to present them to the Canadian market.

The wonderful Masja of Sew What? Paint It! purchased the first Aloe Slings SSC we got. What a beauty it is. She was kind enough to write an in depth review, and I'm excited to present it to you here.

As an important side note, Aloe Slings don't speak any English, so you will have to be patient with me (and them) as we redo their instruction guide and compile all the information you need to make an informed choice about buying and using one of these SSCs--in English. ;-)

Now, to let Masja take over...

"So I recently had the opportunity to purchase an aloe slings carrier from Abernathy Naturals, as I was in the market for a different SSC, and this one had caught my eye. Upon arrival I was very surprised at how it felt. It didn't have that canvassy- mass produced, factory feel. You know the one, the typical SSC stuff canvas feel. It felt handmade, and I like that.

The strap padding is squishy and soft, unlike other SSC which have a tendency to feel quite stuff and dense. I laid out the aloe slings in front of me and took in all the features and details. I love the little toys hanging from the hood straps. This little "extra" really helps to show the attention to detail and the overall uniqueness of the brand. The hood is secured with 3 fabric covered buttons, and is removable and reversible, which I love, as my kiddo doesn't always fall asleep while being worn any more, so I can keep it off or put it on if she needs it.

The major feature of the carrier that really drew me in is the dual buckle waistband. I loved the look of it, and was very happy when I did eventually get to trying it on. No muffin top! Woot! Nothing worse than that overhang when back carrying, and this was tall enough that it kept the jiggly bits tucked in The other super cool feature is the waistband. It's my overly structured, but it's oversized and offers awesome lower back support in a back carry, and abdominal support in the front. This company really put a lot of thinking into their design.

The panel offers a deep seat, with seat darts, the padding is just enough that it's not too bulky, and yet I could comfortable wear my daughter in it for hours. The straps are adjustable and can cross in the back for front carrying, which I know is a feature many wearers love. Overall, I was very happy with the design, craftsmanship and overall comfort of the carrier. I only had one complaint, and that was the chest straps. It is attached to the carrier with a piece of matching canvas, which is not tight enough, so it has a habit of slipping down the straps, so when you put the carrier on, you have to adjust them before hand, or else it's a real pain when you finally wrangle your wiggly and uncooperative toddler on to you and pull up the straps, and have to undo everything to reach them."

Here is the beautiful Aloe Masja bought.


Some details for you about these carriers:

  • Aloe Slings SSCs can be used for back carries, front carries and even hip carries.
  • They feature a dual "bandage" belt, the broader waistband adds extra back support, hides unflattering muffin tops for post-baby bodies and is surprisingly comfortable in use.
  • Includes a removable hood, which has one of Aloe's signature toys for baby's enjoyment while in the carrier and a bit of visual interest.
  • Aloe canvas is linen for the smallest size, and canvas for the larger sizes. Aloe Slings SSCs come in 3 sizes normally, but we are also able to get a 4th larger size for special needs children.
  • The straps criss-cross at the back, much like the Manduca, or include a chest clip that you can use as well.
  • Aloe Slings SSCs will continue to be released in their signature artist fabrics, as well as in semi and half conversions with select cotton woven wraps. Reordering is possible, but no two Aloe Slings will ever be the same. These are truly the utmost of one of a kind, hand crafted carriers.
  • Retail price for wrap conversion carriers are $329 (semi conversion) to $359 (half conversion). Canvas Aloe Slings are expected to retail around $200.
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